The Advantages of Bertocco

In addition to the study, design and production of materials for points-of-purchase, Bertocco also offers related services such as packaging, logistics and distribution, as well as storage and monitoring.
Whatever you need, wherever your points-of-purchase are, Bertocco has the right solution for you!


We have a division highly specialised in:

  • Packaging and set-up of counter top and free-standing paper displays such as classic displays, display boxes, box pallets, tray display cases, window signs, shoppers.
  • Processing of POP materials we produce for products entrusted to us by our clients, with subsequent packaging studied and developed ad hoc.
  • Revamping of existing displays to extend their lifetime, with dismantling of obsolete parts and replacement with new communication, all followed by classic packaging operations.


To complete our cycle of services, we offer logistics services including the handling, storage and consignment of POP materials.
Our clients can opt for direct distribution to their point of purchase, their warehouse or redistribution logistics companies.

Whether in Italy or abroad, consignments and tracking (via land, air and sea) of our products is carried out at best rates with continuous monitoring to guarantee a successful outcome with peace of mind.

Place your trust in the experience of our Export department for your international promotional campaigns.


For four years, we have been the FERRERO COMMERCIALE ITALIA OFFICIAL WAREHOUSE for fridge displays on which we perform the following operations and monitoring:

  • check operation and performance (Back office) via portal.
  •  aesthetic revamping, characterisation
  •  sanitization
  • packaging
  •  storage
  • dedicated deliveries to points-of-purchase
  • remote checking of fridge display performance via portal.

Management of the development of the portal on behalf of the client:

  • definition of outputs
  • check suitability of portal
  • check machine performance and any corrective actions (pick-up of fridge in case of malfunction, delivery of a replacement machine, corrective maintenance)

General Contractor for management of FERRERO POP materials

  • Collection of requests by sales forces
  • Checking of priorities / motivations for requests
  • Identification of the best display solution for products in terms of visibility and available space
  • Sending of orders to suppliers indicated by FERRERO
    • Control of warehouse stock for standard POP;
    • Preparation of re-orders in the case of low or damaged stock;
    • Control of production and delivery times for special structures;
    • Checking of samples