Bertocco solutions.

We know how to create emotion and an immediate visual impact able to grab the attention of consumers in any commercial setting.
Bertocco displays offer added value to your product and your brand.


In a perfume shop, pharmacy, jewellery store, boutique, optician or megastore.
We adapt to the needs of the POP, creating an ad hoc display that will be noticed, with elegance, simplicity, practicality, either for use in isolation or as a complete range of POP elements for a single brand.
A free-standing display supported by a counter top or window display, glorifier, strip light, mirror, brand reminder, brochure holder and printed visual display to complete the range.

Glass cabinet

Counter top glass cabinet, with door and lock.
Excellent product visibility, placed directly on top of surfaces and clear supports.
The brand is displayed on all supports and on all four sides of the cabinet.
Multi-material display, long-lasting.

Institutional display

Institutional window display, composed of three elements that can be placed next to each other or separately in different areas of the store, in the form of a mini display and brand reminder.
Each object is placed on a clear support.
Lacquered wood display, permanent.

Free-standing merchandise displays

Free-standing two-sided 4 seasons merchandise display. To be positioned as an island.
The practicality of a display with storage space for changes of season.
The top part contains a sign holder with an interchangeable two-sided image of the current promotion.
All in wood with metal wire hooks, permanent.

Counter top display

Small counter top and window display with accessories.
Single material: completely in plexiglass, semi-permanent.

Window display

Window display, can be likened to a tray display case thanks to its leather upholstery and lacquered wood. Long-lasting.

Two-sided dispenser

Free-standing display, two-sided dispenser.
Lots of products on this display and lots of information too.
Strong brand presence, repeated above and below, in front and behind.
Sturdy iron structure, allowing a heavy product load but at the same time the display is relatively light, with graphical parts made from soft, thin materials. Long-lasting.

Totem tester

Totem display, one-sided and lit.
Each visual is backlit with a led light.
This display promotes sales.
The iron load-bearing structure and plexiglass covering make for a truly attractive and long-lasting display.

POP range

A complete POP range, including counter top, glass and shelf displays, which also promote sales.
Four-product display, single-product display, brand reminder, tray, mirror.
Mix of wood, plexiglass, satin-finished aluminium.


Counter top or shelf glorifier, with a small drawer for brochures, a photo holder with a visual of the campaign.
Completely in polished plexiglass, semi-permanent.

Brand Reminder

Small, medium and large-sized plaques for tight budgets.
These are positioned in all areas with high visibility.
They can be made of any material, in any shape.
They can also be combined with various products.

Medium totem display

Medium totem displays with products. Perfect for display windows, made in printed paper, plastic coated, plexiglass and iron for the load-bearing structure. Temporary but semi-permanent.

Large totem display

Large totem displays with products.
Perfect for display windows, made in printed paper, plastic coated, plexiglass and iron for the load-bearing structure.
Temporary but semi-permanent.


Nowadays these can be found in the majority of commercial spaces: slatwall panels.
Perfect for highlighting products and for a minimalist and linear look, these offer lots of different solutions, from single displays on a personalised hook to multi-product merchandise dispensers.
We also create complete ranges of displays for slatwall panels in combination and in harmony with other types of POP.

Mini glass display case with door and lock

The product display part and the door are completely transparent, and the background features a scenic design.
A semi-permanent solution for tight budgets, offering great value for money.

Large glass display case with storage

Total focus on 360° product visibility with maximum transparency.
Wood, plexiglass, aluminium. Permanent.

Modular free-standing display

To display bulky, interchangeable products, with product changeover accessories and lots of information.
Sturdy yet lightweight structure, making it easy to move. Permanent

Mixed counter top or slatwall display

By choice, this can be used in its counter top version, with four sides and a rotating mechanism.
Alternatively, the four panels can be detached from their support on the tower and positioned in the slats.
Single material (iron). Permanent.

Free-standing merchandise display

Free-standing merchandise display with sloping shelves, for continuous product facing.
Removable hanger hook. Allows the product to be displayed outside of its packaging, in various sizes and colours.
Marketing visual on the opposite side.
Iron and removable paper to update the visual.

Mini display lab

Incorporation of the equipment needed for the technical transformation of a product, with storage for all tools and perishables. High visibility of the product subject to transformation.

Brochure holder and visual display

A counter top must have. Indispensable but absolutely customised in terms of shape, print, colours.
Clear plexiglass to focus attention on the content and brand.

Tower display case

Offers all the advantages of a glass case, with reduced dimensions and very lightweight.
For small commercial spaces or tight budgets.
Mix of wood, iron, plexiglass with door and lock. Permanent

Mixed two-sided free-standing display

Can be used with custom designed supports and products for the two types of displayed products.
Mirrors on both sides making it easy to try the products.
Iron, plexiglass, all shockproof. Permanent

3D Brand Reminder

Made entirely of plexiglass, this display is essential in cases where a mobile, high visual impact accessory is needed.

Motorised window display

Paper and specific electrical system. Seasonal

Mini range

Mini range for slatwalls with sign, hooks for various types of products and shelves, completely personalised.
Iron, plexiglass, paper. Permanent and also seasonal.


Mirrors in reflective plexiglass only, or in a mix of materials.

Slatwall displays

To display brands and products on slatwalls at the same time.
Completely in iron, permanent.

Large-scale retail distribution

An entire world revolves around large-scale retail distribution shelf displays.
How can a product stand out in the midst of so much variety?
Through deeper research, more originality, higher impact.

Display fridge

Fridge that can be customised according to the products being promoted.
We start from the motor and then develop the complete structure, the external parts, the display parts.
When first launched, various layers of paper graphics are overlapped and peeled off at the start of the promotional campaign.
The message and brand then remain on a durable material.
Aluminium, iron, shockproof plastic.
Led lighting.
Permanent with temporary characteristics.

Free-standing display stand

Focus on products. Each has its own ad hoc rotating support.
The display needs to be stable, functional, discrete.
Completely in iron. Permanent

Island display

For a dedicated sales area and enhanced value, generally positioned where there is a high concentration of consumer traffic. Modular, reusable, can be customised to adapt to current promotions. Wood, plastic, iron. Either temporary or permanent.

Free-standing display with opening front

Allows a platform of products to be positioned using a pallet jack, without damaging the display. Product display to be combined with the product being promoted.
Multi-material for all intents and purposes. Permanent

Gondola end cap unit

An alternative to linear shelf displays in commercial spaces. With accessories conceived ad hoc for high versatility, given the high number of product types being displayed. Top front part lit for high brand visibility. Very sturdy, given that products can be very heavy. Iron and plastic. Permanent

Attention tunnelling with products

To be attached to shelf displays.
Printed plastic and magnets to hold products. Semi-permanent, for a promotion, a launch.

Linear glorifier

Perfect for presenting a new product, attached to display. Designed for two types of fastening: to a pole or a linear shelf.
Mix of iron and plastic, sturdy, allows heavy products to be displayed. Semi-permanent

In-store theatre

Development of various linear surfaces. Modular in height and width.
Mix of aluminium, iron, magnets and printed plastic decals, making it durable and easy to put together.