Nutella that’s always ready.

Nutella B-Ready is a truly captivating project in terms of both creativity and the workmanship of materials.
Our starting point was a client need, specifically to introduce the Italian breakfast to large-scale retail distribution. And we succeeded!


Word to product.

The B-Ready display was a direct result of the client’s need to launch the new Nutella B-Ready product on the Italian market.  The brief was to develop a high-impact display for large-scale retail distribution stores, in particular hypermarkets.

The product is a thin wafer of bread, with a Nutella filling, a filled baguette of sorts to dip into your milk at breakfast time.  We were asked to design a display that could hold 12 product trays with a 360° hold, re-evoking breakfast time in the homes of consumers.


Pouring ourselves into milk.

The idea was to convey the joys of breakfast, simulating the pouring of milk into a cup, elements that tend to be linked with the product’s consumption. What better than a mega cup for a mega breakfast?


3D Breakfast.

A delicious cup of coffee with milk and we immediately got to work on modelling the display. Together with the client, we had already defined the maximum dimensions of the structure, while the breakfast / milk concept had been identified during the creative phase.

Therefore in this phase we concentrated on the production materials, because this too would affect the form of the display. The final choice was a metal and wood structure, a shockproof material for display protection and a crowner in forex. Using a 3D rendering, we were able to see a preview of how the Nutella B-ready display would look. All we needed to do now was produce it.


The right material in the right place.

All information about the display was sent to the laboratory: dimensions, materials and engineering drawings. All that needed to be done now was to create a prototype, allowing us to perform all the physical tests on a real product. We developed it with a constant focus on the quality of its visual impact, but also on the modularity of the display because it needed to be attractive, easy to transport and store, as well as simple to mount in the point of purchase.

Introducing the Nutella B-ready display. Happy breakfast to all!